Vidable® Announces AI Plans for the Events Industry  

Vidable® is excited to share its partnership with fellow Sonic Foundry brand, Video Solutions, to develop a new AI offering for the events management industry. This announcement follows Vidable General Manager Mike Snavely’s recent appearance at Meeting Professionals International’s annual World Education Congress (MPI WEC23), where he led a session titled, “Leveraging the Power of AI: How Artificial Intelligence is Disrupting the Events Industry.” 

Overcoming Challenges in Event Management with Artificial Intelligence (AI) 

Today, events are producing a massive amount of video content, both live-streamed and on-demand. However, the industry lacks an effective, easy way to analyze that data and gather insights that could be used for future event planning. AI now makes that possible.  

The partnership blends Vidable’s AI and technology capabilities with Video Solutions’ events industry expertise – making them ideal partners to address market challenges. Sonic Foundry CEO Joe Mozden, Jr. commented, “Over the next several months, our Vidable and Video Solutions businesses will pursue this market opportunity as a joint initiative, one of many examples of how our team is capitalizing on the opportunities inherent in Sonic Foundry’s new ‘family of brands’ corporate structure.” 

By leveraging AI, event professionals gain unprecedented access to insights that can be used to create events that resonate even more deeply with their audience. Snavely shared, “The next phase of Vidable’s go-to-market strategy will involve partnering with Video Solutions customers to mine video captured at live conferences for insights that help sponsors understand attendee sentiment and help conference promoters better serve the needs of their attendees. Ultimately, we believe this is a model for helping organizations to substantiate the ROI of event sponsorship with far more definition than was previously possible.” 

Together, Vidable and Video Solutions look forward to contributing to a new era where data is at the forefront of event management.  

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Vidable® Announces AI Plans for the Events Industry  

Vidable® is excited to share its partnership with fellow Sonic Foundry brand, Video Solutions, to develop a new AI offering for the events management industry.