Using AI Tools to Transform & Scale Your Video Strategy

A lot of current conversations about video and artificial intelligence (AI) tend to focus on the viewer experience – how AI tools can facilitate searchability, AI-based engagement tools, etc. – and that’s certainly an important area. But it can be easy to miss how AI helps organizations improve operational efficiency and produce higher-quality content faster.  

How Video Plays a Role in Remote & Hybrid Work Environments

The role of video in enterprise environments has expanded dramatically over the past several years. Video now plays a key role in remote and hybrid work environments, corporate training procedures, marketing initiatives, and a whole slew of other knowledge-sharing activities.  

This has made a lot of communication-based activities easier and more engaging, but it has created challenges as well. For example:  

  • Corporate video libraries are growing exponentially and many of those tasked with managing and leveraging the content in those libraries are struggling to keep up.  
  • Video technology is evolving rapidly, and it can be difficult – even for video experts – to stay up to date with the constant profusion of new capabilities and platforms.  
  • Relatively few HR, marketing, and operations professionals have received formal training or education on video management, but many are suddenly being asked to create, manage, and deploy video as part of their jobs.  

At Vidable™, we believe that AI can take us a long way toward resolving these challenges. Video-oriented AI technology is growing by leaps and bounds as we speak and has enormous potential for organizations that are interested in improving operational efficiency and producing better-quality video faster.    

How AI Can Transform Your Video Strategy

Here are some current and forthcoming AI breakthroughs, and associated use cases that we are excited about:  

Analyzing, optimizing, and re-purposing existing content

AI tools are capable of rapidly analyzing large stockpiles of video content for speech-to-text transcription, tagging, and other metadata-based enhancements.  

Natural language generation

AI algorithms can be trained to generate written content based on specific themes or topics, which can be used to create blog posts, articles, and other written content. Or it can be deployed as an engagement tool for existing video assets – automatically generating captions, transcripts, summaries, quizzes, and other supplementary content.  

Audio and visual content creation

AI tools can generate original images, videos, and audio content – including voiceovers, sound effects, and even music. These capabilities can streamline the creation and editing of social media posts, marketing materials, and other visual content. 


AI tools can help to personalize content based on user data, such as demographics, interests, and behavior, helping content owners craft targeted content that resonates with specific audiences. 

AI-powered tools can accomplish mundane, time-consuming tasks like cut/trim editing, audio cleanup, re-sizing, tagging, and transcription in a fraction of the time – and often with greater precision and accuracy than it would take a human editing team to complete.

How AI Tools Can Benefit Your Organization

Today’s professionals can also leverage AI technology to perform responsibilities outside of their skillset, allowing them to focus on their primary job, saving organizations from needing to invest in additional training and education. 

In other words, the benefits are comprehensive and cumulative – AI video tools can enable your team to produce engaging and higher-quality content more quickly for your audience. We can’t add hours to the day or give employees an additional set of hands, but AI can give you essentially the same results.  And as the technology continues to improve, more and more will be possible. 

If you’re not thinking about how to leverage AI-powered tools to enhance and scale your video strategy, your competitors probably are. The future of enterprise video is happening now. Contact Vidable today to learn how your organization can play a role in shaping that future rather than being left behind.  



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