Enhancing Event Video Management with AI Chat and Analytics Capabilities 

Recent AI capabilities provide growing opportunities to better source and understand the impact and value of event video assets. But with AI capabilities rapidly evolving, how do you know which AI event video tools to invest in? More importantly, which AI tools will help you plan and grow events by satisfying attendees and sponsors?   

Our new comprehensive e-book Leveraging AI for Event Video: Actionable Strategies to Delight Attendees, Deliver Engaging Content and Attract Sponsors offers robust guidance on how to start putting AI capabilities to work for your event videos today.  

This blog post will touch on some of the exciting key factors to consider when using AI chat and analytics technology with enterprise event video. 

Demystifying AI: A Brief Overview of Chat and Analytics 

AI comprises a broad range of machine learning, natural language processing and computer vision capabilities. In short, that is a complex way of saying that AI can simplify the brain power and time commitment it might take to mine and parse out relevant event video information. 

What does all this mean for you? If you are managing enterprise video assets and creating event experiences, you will want to use chat and analytics to make the most of your event video. 


Chat: AI chat allows you to effectively ‘converse’ with digital assets. You can give guidance and instructions to the technology—in the form of a prompt—and Chat can interpret and appropriately respond to your direct input.  

While there are a range of AI models that inform Chat, the key to making the most of this technology is that it has a way to quickly recognize and understand your video content. Therefore, applying Chat to an enterprise video library or individual event video means that the AI can more quickly learn the type and style of video assets that are most important to your organization. Once Chat ‘learns’ your videos you can prompt it to: 

  • Locate specific content across a video group or library 
  • Identify key speakers or topics 
  • Answer questions about video asset performance, themes or patterns 
  • Create promotional content, such as social media or blog posts 

Applying AI chat capabilities goes hand in hand with generating meaningful event video analytics. 


Analytics: Analytics give you an accurate, detailed view of the value of your enterprise video content. They go beyond standard (and frankly, dated) metrics such as views, downloads or ‘Likes’, showcasing a more comprehensive and targeted view of video performance.  

Video analytics can range from general topic analytics, showing connections between the most attended or viewed sessions and the most talked about topics, to detailed analysis of crossover patterns among speakers or attendee questions. Importantly, the right AI tools can help you establish and understand custom, tailored insights such as: 

  • When a particular sponsor is mentioned 
  • How many times an event theme or ‘tag line’ was referenced 
  • What time of day had the highest attended sessions 
  • Which speakers were asked the most questions 

Putting AI to Work for Event Video Management 

The integration of AI chat and analytics technology into event video management is a strategic move that can streamline operations, enhance attendee engagement and improve planning and decision-making. As technology continues to advance, organizations that embrace AI in their video strategies are poised to stay ahead in an increasingly competitive landscape. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to harness the power of AI for your event videos – it’s the future of event content management. 

Contact Vidable now to learn how we can help you manage your video assets with the right AI chat and analytics capabilities, and more!  

Leveraging AI for Event Video

Actionable strategies to delight attendees, deliver engaging content and attract sponsors. The future of event management starts now. Download a copy of our e-book to learn more.

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