Introducing New Vidable AI Video Platform

We are delighted to announce the launch of our new AI-powered video platform! Designed to maximize the utility and effectiveness of video libraries for organizations across various sectors, Vidable uses AI to turn video libraries into dynamic knowledge bases.  

Addressing Today’s Enterprise Video Challenges 

Video content has become an essential part of business operations. Whether it is used for internal communication, customer engagement or marketing, video is ubiquitous. However, the rapid accumulation of video content has posed a serious challenge: When you’re dealing with a library that contains hundreds or even thousands of individual video files, how do you go about quickly locating specific pieces of content? Or, more broadly, how do you get a general sense of what each file contains? 

Enter Vidable.  

Vidable Platform Overview 

The Vidable platform is comprised of three AI-powered features—Assistant, Insights and Transformations— each designed to address a unique set of challenges associated with managing large video libraries. 

  • Assistant. Through a conversational interface, creators and viewers have access to real-time search support and content generation capabilities. 
  • Insights. Customizable dashboards that present video data in easy-to-understand, content-specific analytics.
  • Transformations. Automatic workflows for video enhancement that standardize and improve the quality and accessibility of content.

Through a single integrated solution, organizations will be empowered with interactive video libraries that improve the flow and accessibility of information across departments, provide immediate knowledge access and support, and also reduce management effort and costs.  

Understanding the paramount importance of data security and confidentiality for today’s enterprise organizations, the Vidable platform has been developed to ensure video data is protected and not exposed to external sources or training models. 

Explore Our Newly Redesigned Website 

In conjunction with this product launch, we invite you to explore our revamped website, offering a comprehensive overview of Vidable’s product offering, capabilities and applications

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